Rev. Sun Myung Moon's Words to Mr. Kamiyama

These are the words Rev. Sun Myung Moon spoke to Mr. Kamiyama on July 16, 2010, on a boat during a fishing trip in the United States.

July 16, 2010

Rev. Sun Myung Moon [SMM]:

Nobody but I, understands the internal situation. If you guys deal with situations on your own terms – the result will only stay in the horizontal realm. Everything must be connected to God. That's why everything must be connected to me. However, nobody wants to do so, for example Hyun Jin Nim. So far only Kook Jin Nim and Hyung Jin Nim are connected to me. Other people are outsiders – they can't go to the inner circle.

I'm not stupid – I have been controlling the providence in the world the whole time. Without me there is no way that we can connect the two results. That's something that you have to make clear. Even if they solve problems selfishly by themselves – it doesn't connect to the future world. Absolutely not.

Who is the leader? True Father or his children? Where did the Divine Principle come from? Not Hyun Jin, not Kook jin or Hyung Jin.

Kamiyama! Don't lose focus!

You feel sorry for people, a father or grandfather. You have done things that you think were right in God's providence. This is the result. We have a serious problem.

There is no difference in meaning of serving Father now, or 30 years ago. Isn't that right? It doesn't matter, if I have become 80 or 90.

They said, "Father became senile, therefore we need to make the right decisions.” They ignore me and claim that their decisions are better than mine. It's ridiculous!

Don't you feel ashamed Kamiyama?

Mr. Kamiyama [K]:
I wish Hyun Jin Nim could return to Father...

You should listen to what I said.

I'm hoping Hyun Jin Nim could come back to you.

Who is coming back where?

Hyun Jin Nim could return to Father...

He left a long time ago – many years ago.

Yes. If I can understand the standpoint…


You don't stand in the position where you can understand my point of view. After spending many years in the church – you shouldn't follow another central figure. Is Father an immature person? Is he?

I'm working hard; wishing Hyun Jin Nim would return.

Wishing? Wishing? How many years have passed?

Well, it has...

It has been more than 10 years since they left.

It's your immaturity.

Well, if I could understand that clearly...

If you could understand that more clearly...huh? You should ask me, if you don't understand. Without asking me - you work together with them? Why? Jin Man! Jin Hyo! What! Even if he [Rev. Kwak] is right, I could never ask for such a man's help. Absolutely not! Why are you working with such a man?

I only wanted to bring Hyun Jin Nim back to you.

Have you succeeded?

You can't. How long a time do you need? You could have succeeded within a week. Why can't you do that? You follow them here and there; listening to them; one thing and another. There are so many lies that they are saying; claiming its essence is true; or Father approved this or that, etc.

It's ridiculous!

When did I ever bring two things? Have I lead you going here and there?

I have been explaining with the Divine Principle – the Divine Principle itself: “Explanation of the Divine Principle”; “Exposition of the Divine Principle”; “Original Substance of the Divine Principle.” Don't you understand substance? Don't you understand God either?

Don't you understand that there is a difference between God of Day and God of Night? What I'm teaching now is that Lucifer's father, Adam's father and the Creator are the same. Not two Gods. Do you understand what I'm talking about? How do you solve this problem? You can't explain cause and result.

Why do they resent Father? Why do they hate Father?

Do not reject me.

Just join me and work with me – and you will be fixed in 3 days.

Who created Lucifer? Different God than Adam's? Who created Adam? It's the same God!

However, there are two different aspects of God, which are the God of Day and the God of Night.

You don’t know how to explain these things. Nothing good will come out of being disloyal to Father.

You should go through the training again - 'ODP.'

I wouldn't like to write and explain the things that I already explain in the past. It's useless to love you in such a manner. I don't think about solving the problem that I already solved before. I never imagine doing so. I can't do that. Neither can God.

Some people are just stuck in the past. They will eventually disappear automatically. I don't need to explain anything or educate them – they will just disappear. Have any of those who claimed that they were right, returned to me? None of them.

Aren't you ashamed of yourself?

(Let's do fishing now.)

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(Thanks to Mr. Ted Igarashi for providing the audio and for Hitomi Gilberg for contributing with the translation to English).