Original Substance of the Divine Principle 7 Day Seminar

July 8-15, 2017
Unification Sanctuary, Newfoundland, PA
Taught by Rev. Yu Jeong Ok

The Original Substance of the Divine Principle content that Rev. Sun Myung Moon instructed Rev. Yu to lecture throughout the world was shared by Rev. Jeong-ok Yu in this workshop.

  • The seminar was full seven days of content (intensive level).
  • Live broadcast worldwide via internet live streaming was available for for online participants.
  • A copy of the OSDP teacher’s training manual to be provided (hard copy for local participants and a digital copy for online participants).
  • Rev. Yu will also addressed issues that have transpired since the passing of Rev. Sun Myung Moon since September 2012.

Each participant was responsible for their own lodging. Some families in Pennsylvania made their homes available for accommodation and hotel accommodation is also nearby.

Meals were provided at the seminar.


Unification Sanctuary
889 Main Street
Newfoundland, PA 18445