Order the Unification Sanctuary 2017 Calendar

Available for immediate shipping!
Full of 16 beautiful photographs with important providential and historical dates along with holiday dates in the calendar. Page size 12 inches x 14 inches (wall size 24 inches tall and 14 inches wide).
Suggested minimum donation 1 Calendar: $33 ($25 plus $8 shipping); 2 or more $20 each plus $8 shipping, or if shipped outside United States and Canada 1 Calendar: $45 ($25 for calendars plus $20 for shipping per order).

Method of Ordering

You can now order directly from the Sanctuary store on the web. Click here for the online store order page.

Alternatively, please use the order form and donation methods shown below. Click here to download the PDF order form. Please type into the PDF form and save the PDF with your information, or scan the filled form, and then email it to: sanctuarychurch@sanctuary-pa.org, or send in by mail.

Method of Donation

1. Donation by Check.

Mail in your order form with a check, and write on the memo line of the check the word “Calendar” and the number of copies you would like to have shipped to you.

2. Donation by PayPal.

Email or mail your filled form to Unification Sanctury.

Go to the Donate page on this website and use PayPal to make your donation.

Important: Also click on "Add special instructions to recipient" link line under the word "Purpose" and type in the text area that opens up the words “2017 Calendar” and the number of copies you would like to have shipped to you.

Click on the orange "Donate" button to complete your donation.