2,100 Couples Blessing


The life and ministry of True Father, Sun Myung Moon, was celebrated on his 96th birthday on February 13, 2016 at the Unification Sanctuary in Newfoundland, PA, followed by a beautifully moving 2,100 Couple Blessing ceremony.


Hundreds of first and second generation couples from the U.S., Korea, Japan and several European countries, as well as representatives of 172 Clergy, gathered to participate in the Holy Marriage Blessing to Return to True Father’s Authority. As of February 13, more than 2,300 couples worldwide received the Blessing on this special day and since the previous event on August 30, 2015. More than 3,000 couples representing more than 10,000 husbands, wives and family members have been blessed under True Father’s authority in the last year.


Rev. Thelma Lumbus of Cleveland, OH, of the 172 Clergy offered a moving, heartfelt prayer. Reverends Sang Yeol Lee, Hasue Erikawa, Richard Panzer and Christian Seeburger representing Unification Sanctuary chapters in Korea, Japan, North America and Europe as well as participants from France, Italy, Germany, the Philippines, Thailand, and several other nations attended the event. In addition, a parallel blessing was also conducted at Pastor Mims’ New Covenant Deliverance Ministry Church in Houston, TX the next day.


Only the spirit of God and work of the Holy Spirit could bring such a remarkable gathering of people of faith throughout many lands, and in such a short time, to honor True Father’s life and legacy and return back to his authority.